Under privileged children, in spite of their high abilities, lack the resources and guidance they need to reach their full potential. At Kaveri Gifted Education Center, we want each and every gifted child to be able to use their abilities to the fullest. Thus, we hope to nurture these children so that they go on to seek better opportunities and carve a brighter future for themselves.

The main objective of this program is:

  1. 1. To help develop a strong, positive self-image
  2. 2. Recognizing their potential and building confidence
  3. 3. To develop effective learning skills
  4. 4. Motivating them to work for the betterment of their community


With the help of funds from ZF Steering Gear (India) Ltd, KGEC has been able to initiate an Under Privileged Gifted Program since 2016, for students from Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao School, Kannada Medium and Gyan Devi, Pune. Out of 139 children that were screened, 14 were selected for the Gifted Nurturing Program.

Ten sessions were conducted as a part of the under privileged gifted program. They mainly focused on goal setting, study skills, emotional management, communication skills and self-awareness for the gifted children. Two sessions were outdoor-bound, one a trek to Tikona Fort which focused on exploring our cultural heritage and interaction between the privileged and under privileged. The other was a visit to IUCAA, Pune and Science and Technology Park at SPPU that focused on exposing children to experiential learning with reference to everyday science concepts.

At the end of the year, informal interviews were conducted to assess student’s strengths, interests and talent areas. Scholarships will be provided on basis of student’s economic background to pursue identified talents among them.