If India is to progress as a nation, we need to value and nurture our children and youth. At the Kaveri Gifted Education Center, we firmly believe that gifted children have the potential to become leaders and change makers. These children demonstrate high capability in intellectual, creative, artistic areas, leadership capacity, or in specific academic fields. It is estimated that 19 million children (6-15 years) are gifted in India, making it even more essential to recognize and nurture their potential.

Most gifted children learn quickly and need advanced material as they are a mismatch with typical curricula and instructions. Moreover, they have unique socio-emotional needs and challenges, which when neglected, result in boredom or disruption in the classroom, or isolation due to incompatibility with age peers. Which is why, some gifted children tend to mask their potential and underachieve.

India has awoken to the needs of the learning disabled and differently abled in the last decade, but the needs of those on the other end of the spectrum are not recognized. Efforts to address the needs of this group thus far have followed a segregated approach (e.g. Jnana Prabodhini and Navodaya Vidyalayas are schools exclusively for gifted children). However, it is difficult to reach out to a large number of gifted children in this manner. We therefore opt to develop an inclusive model of gifted education, where the needs of the gifted are addressed in a regular school system.