Giftedness refers to exceptional potential or high capability in intellectual, creative, artistic areas, leadership capacity, or in specific academic fields. The socio-cultural context plays an important role while defining and understanding giftedness. In India, the concept of giftedness has its roots in ancient Indian philosophy. Human potential and its unlimited capacity has been valued and identified right from the gurukula system of education. Indian ideas on giftedness and creativity have been linked with spirituality and philosophy.  Giftedness is limited to ‘creative’ in art and literature, as ‘talent’ in sports and as ‘genius’ in academics (Roy & Kurup, 2016). We are working towards defining and conceptualizing ‘giftedness’ to suit the Indian context.

Currently, Kaveri Gifted Education Center identifies gifted children with superior intellectual ability as measured by standardized I.Q. tests.  We propose to widen this definition by including specific academic domains like gifted in science or math and non-academic areas like gifted in visual arts, gifted in sports and music.

Here are some characteristics which can be observed among the gifted:

  • Exceptional reasoning ability
  • High Curiosity
  • Rapid learning rate
  • Vivid Imagination
  • Extensive vocabulary
  • Questions authority
  • Perfectionism
  • High emotional sensitivity
  • Having a wide range of interests
  • Morally sensitive