“Implementing differentiated learning activities for the gifted”
There are only a few schools in India working in the field of gifted education and most of these are specialized schools. We firmly believe in inclusive education and are currently working towards developing a model for integrating gifted education in mainstream schools. Gifted children have distinct characteristics and needs and follow a different pace of learning as compared to their peers. The teachers need to develop appropriate curriculum content as well use alternative teaching-learning pedagogy to keep them engaged and stimulate their cognitive development. The current project attempts at developing differentiated activites in English, Math and Science that can be used in a mixed ability classroom to meet the learning needs of gifted children.

This project has three objectives:

1. To develop pre-assessments to identify gifted children in the specific subject areas.
2. To design different activities with an emphasis on High Order Thinking Skills.
3. To evaluate effectiveness of the activities for the gifted children in the mixed ability classroom.

Progress till date

  • Pilot tested pre-assessment Math and Science of 300 children of V grade
  • Pilot tested 4 activities in Math and 4 in Science