The potential of a gifted child is either showcased through their excellent performance in school subjects or scholarship exams or through talent in leadership activities, music or artistic performance or debate skills, and invention fests. Even for the high performer, how do we know whether it is possible to stretch beyond? For those whose potential is not yet observable, require a nourishing environment and awareness of their abilities. The Gifted Nurturing Program  is a step to ensure that each gifted child has the catalysts to take them beyond their known realm of abilities.



  • To create awareness within the child about his or her giftedness and its challenges.
  • To develop physical, sensory, socio-emotional, cognitive and spiritual facets of the gifted child.
  • To enhance higher order thinking skills and life skills
  • To identify the child’s strengths and support areas of concern



Structure of the Nurturing Program

The nurturing program progresses through three levels or years. Such an interaction is important for the child to build the required skills to become a motivated, socially responsible and confident individual.

Our program extends over a period of 6-8 months in each level which includes regular workshops on weekends as well as extensions like an overnight camp, ecotours, visits to cultural centers and events.


The recommended entry point of the program is age 10 years. Each level focuses on key areas given below.


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