Confluence of Ideas in Gifted Education

If India is to progress as a nation, we need to value and nurture gifted children- those with an innately superior ability to innovate and lead. By a conservative estimate, there are over 1.3 crore gifted children (3 to 18 years) in India at present.India has awoken to the needs of the intellectually disabled, but the needs of those on the other end of the spectrum are not recognized. Without adequate support, these gifted children may get demotivated and disillusioned or may fail to live up to their potential.

In the classical sense, a gifted individual is someone who has superior intelligence (high I.Q.)However, someone with an exceptional ability in the areas of sports, arts or even leadership can also be considered as gifted.

There have been a few efforts to address the educational needs of this group (NavodayVidyalay, Jagadis Bose National Science Talent Search-Kolkata,JnanaPrabodhini-Pune to name a few) but they have so far worked in isolation. These efforts are not enough to address the large gifted population of this country. To do so, a comprehensive policy in gifted education is essential. Organizations working with gifted students need to come together, share ideas & experiences and collectively rally to create such policies.

With this view, a panel discussion, ‘confluence of ideas to promote gifted education in India’ has been organized by the Kaveri Gifted Education Center. It will be held at the Dr.KalmadiShamarao High School premises on Ketkar road on 7th November 2015 at 3:30 p.m. Panel members will include noted educationists such Dr. Indira Parikh (Ex-Dean IIM-A), Ms. Vijayam Kartha, Mr. Mohanan  as well as experts in gifted education like Dr.UshaKhire and Dr.SujalaWatve (Jnana Prabodhini).

This forum will deliberate on 3 areas related to gifted education:

  • School’s vision for inclusive gifted education
  • Curriculum for the gifted
  • Teacher’s role in nurturing the gifted